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Say and Glue Phonological Awareness Fun Sheets 124 page

Say and Glue Phonological Awareness Fun Sheets 124 page

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Say & Glue Phonological Awareness Fun Sheets is a reproducible, 124-page book to help students work on several areas of phonological awareness:

• rhyming with nonsense words,
• rhyming sentences,
• completing rhyming words in sentences,
• determining which rhyming word belongs,
• blending words,
• segmentation,
• syllable counting,
• identification of letter sounds,
• syllable/phoneme deletion,
• syllable/phoneme addition, and
• manipulation of phonemes.

Each section contains a minimum of seven activities. Phonological Awareness Fun Sheets also features a criterion test that lets you pre- and post-test students.

A child’s knowledge of sounds of language normally progresses from a very simple discrimination of sounds to a more complex level, which is termed phonological awareness. This level includes the ability to blend, segment, count and / or manipulate sounds into various combinations that make up words of our English language. Most recent research suggests that children have at least some awareness of word sounds and ow words link into sentences prior to beginning school. By age six, the majority of children should be able to count the sound parts in words.

This book – Say and Glue for Phonological Awareness covers all of the significant phonological awareness skills that children need to develop a solid foundation for good reading.

Ages 6+

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