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Rings & Sticks 156pc - iPlayiLearn.co.za

Rings & Sticks 156pc - Demo Stock

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Demo Unit / Condition – Good

Dexterity and shape-matching fall into place with the simple fun of sticks and circles.  
Eight double-sided challenge cards show colourful scenes made up of rectangles and circles of all different sizes. 
With a smile and a rush of excitement, kids immediately rip open the bag and get to work finding the shapes that match the picture - a mom pushing a carriage, a boat sailing the sea, a train, a truck, and all kinds of other stuff.  Kids have a tactile blast piecing together picture after picture!

Packed with twelve challenges, four blank sides for inventing pictures, and an exciting abundance of sticks, circles, and half-circles, the Rings and Sticks activity set boost brains in a delightful way kids love.

- Learning Goals:

- Develops hand and finger dexterity. 

- Develops visual perception of colour and size

- Concepts of shapes within objects

- An award winning game


  • 8 Activity cards printed both sides
  • Rings and sticks

How to play

Using the colourful plastic shapes, copy the coloured outlines of the picture shown on the game card.  Compare lengths and sizes of rings and sticks to see what fits. Includes blank cards for children to make their own original designs.

 Ages 3+

Product Code: E6309

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