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Reading Rods® Word for Word® Phonics Game - iPlayiLearn.co.za

Reading Rods® Word for Word® Phonics Game

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Players compete with themselves and each other in this fast-paced word-building game. Kids hurry to build words using all sides of the Reading Rods® within the two-minute time limit. Game can be played at multiple levels and can be customized to practice specific reading and word-building skills. Includes 112 color-coded Rods, one two-minute timer, four pencils, one score pad and instructions. For 2-4 players.

Choose a level of play and have each player randomly pick the appropriate Rods as indicated:

Level 1 (Easiest): 4 yellow Rods (red print) and 6 blue Rods
Level 2: 4 yellow Rods (black print) and 6 blue Rods
Level 3: 2 green Rods, 3 yellow (black print) Rods, 3 yellow (red print) Rods, and 4 blue Rods
Level 4: 2 green Rods, 2 yellow (black print) Rods, 2 yellow (red print) Rods, 4 blue Rods, and 2 red Rods
Level 5 (Hardest): 2 green Rods, 2 yellow (black print) Rods, 6 blue Rods, and 4 red Rods

• Turn the timer over to start a two-minute round. All players build words at the same time.
• Snap your Rods together to make as many words as possible. Check all sides of each Rod for as many word combinations as possible. Use any extra time to mix and match Rods to find the combinations that give you the most words.
• At the end of the two-minute round, write down all of the words you made on your score sheet. Remember to write down words from all sides of the Rods.
• Break apart your Rods and pass them to the player to your left.
• Turn over the timer and build words with your new Rods.
• When the time is up, add your new words to your list.
• Break apart the Rods again.
• If there are more than two players, pass the Rods to the left again and continue to play until each player has had a turn using each set of Rods.
• After all players have used each set of Rods to build words, take turns reading and spelling your word lists out loud.


• You only receive points for words spelled correctly.
• If you share the same word with another player the word is crossed off both players’ lists.
• One point is awarded for each unique word on your list.
• The player with the most points wins the game.

Ages 7+

Product Code: LER 7180

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