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Phonemic Awareness Fun Deck

Phonemic Awareness Fun Deck

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The Phonemic Awareness Fun Deck contains 57 rhyming picture cards your younger students will adore!
What a fun way to teach them how word meaning can change by manipulating individual sounds. This deck includes
• 19 sets (three cards each) of colourfully illustrated cards,
• a content list of phonemic rhyming sets, and
• instructions for fun activities.

Cards measure 6.35 cm x 8.89 cm and are stored in a sturdy storage tin.

Instructions and Activities: 

1. Phonemic Fun

Deal five cards from the deck to each player and place the remaining face down. Turn one card face up from the stack. If the first player has a rhyming card, he or she places it face up alongside the original card and says the words. It must be placed in the appropriate sequential order. The player then draws a replacement card from the stack and the next player has a turn. If a player does not have a rhyming card, play proceeds to the right.
When a set is complete, they player who played the third card says all the words and keeps the set. Turn a new card face up from the stack and play resumes with the next player.
In the event that all players are unable to play a card, start another rhyming set by turning over another card from the stack. There may be two or more sets being played simultaneously.

The player with the most sets wins.

2. Memory –

Using two cards from each set, place the cards face down. Students take turns turning over two cards at a time, trying to find a phonemic rhyming pair each turn. If a student finds a rhyming set, the student says all the words and then receives and additional turn.

3. Line Up

Teacher selects one rhyming set and places the three cards face up in a horizontal row. The first player identifies each card and makes up a story using the cards. The player then closes his or her eyes and the therapist switches the order of the cards. The student must re-order the cards and retell the story. Play continues with the next player and a new rhyming set.

Dimensions: 7 x 2.54 x 10.16cm

Weight: 0.16kg

Ages 4+

Product Code: FDF03

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