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Peekaboo Barn™ Game

Peekaboo Barn™ Game

R 769.00

Based on the Peekaboo Barn app sensation!

Encourage early learners to take turns as they put the sleepy animals to bed with this attractive, farm-themed play set.

    • Children spin the spinner before making the correct animal noise and putting that animal to bed
    • Game play encourages observation skills as young learners correctly identify the animals
    • Features eight common farm animals.
    • Beware if the Rooster is selected!
    • Introduces the concept of taking turns from an early age
    • Ideal for solo or group play
    • Game box includes:
      • Sturdy 3D play barn with two levels
      • Spinner
      • Eight farm animals

Download game instructions here.

Psst...They're Learning!

  • Promotes vocabulary development and storytelling
  • Encourages interactive and social play
  • Introduces early game play

How to Play:

1. Set up the barn and place all the animals on the ring around the barn, awake-side out. Take turns pushing the silo to spin the animals to see which ones are sleepy. 
2. When an animal lands in front of the barn doors, say its sound and move it inside the barn, sleepy-side up. Rolled the rooster? Say “cock-a-doodle-doo” and wake one animal. Put it back outside the barn, on the surface, and keep playing. 
3. Continue spinning until all the animals—except the rooster—are asleep in the barn

Ages 2+

Product Code: EI 1710

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