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My First D.I.Y. Greenhouse Kit (3 Sections)

My First D.I.Y. Greenhouse Kit (3 Sections)

R 710.00

This incredible miniature greenhouse kit is ideal for planting small flowers while learning how to care for plants and how photosynthesis affects our daily lives. 

If you live in a place with a short growing season or minimal light, or if you just want to give your plant specimens extra time to grow in a protected enclosure, greenhouse gardening is for you.

Greenhouses allow for greater control over the growing environment of plants. Temperature, light levels, irrigation and atmospheric humidity can be monitored and controlled.
How many times have you set out young seedlings, only to have them washed away by too much rain? Perhaps there was a scorching hot day that caused seedlings to whither. With a greenhouse, these and other conditions are totally controlled, and optimum plant growth is ensured.

The mini greenhouse is fully functional and comes with LED grow lights and a simple irrigation system so you can control the growing environment for optimal plant growth.

This mini greenhouse is recommended for planting seedlings and small plants only.
Transplantation to pots is suggested once the plants grow larger and begin to reach the irrigation tray.
To clean the unit, rinse all parts except the LED light tray with water.

Includes three mini greenhouses.


- LED light tray.
- Irrigation tray & Simple Sprinkler System
- Brace x 6 
- Crossbar x12.
- End cap x 8.
- Section joint x 8.
- Brown tray x 3.
- Green base tray x 3.
- End window x 2.
- Rectangular window x 3.
- Dropper.
- Gardening tools.
- Cocopeat brick x 3.
- USB cable.
- Instruction manual

Item Size: 31cm x 11cm x 20cm

Ages 8+

Product Code: SCI-BL151

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