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Magnatab: Cursive a to z Lower Case

Magnatab: Cursive a to z Lower Case

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The ever popular Magnatab line now helps children with cursive writing skills. Perfect for the home, classroom, or therapeutic setting, a to z Lower Case Cursive is a sensory activity for children with autism, asperger's or other special needs that make a pencil grip and recognition of cursive letters difficult.

Children delight in learning the complex skills of proper cursive handwriting with the sensory reinforcement of magnets. They enjoy the pull of the magnets and the sound of the clicks as they follow the directional arrows and trace each lower case scripted letter with the magnetic stylus.

Erasing the letters is easy with the tip of a finger. Occupational Therapists, ABA Therapists, and educators of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will find that Magnatab a to z Lower Cursive engages children in handwriting practice and teaches visual discrimination and letter recognition to children that struggle with hand-eye coordination and fine motor activities. It is an excellent educational tool for children that have difficulty identifying and remembering each lower case cursive alphabet letter individually and in sequence.

Age 3+

Product Code : K10364

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