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Look, Listen & Infer Fun Deck

Look, Listen & Infer Fun Deck

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The Look, Listen & Infer Fun Deck helps students determine the “true” meanings of messages and can improve critical thinking, auditory comprehension, and inference.
Many times, people do not communicate a complete message. They assume their listeners are also interpreting important visual information. This 56-card illustrated Fun Deck teaches students to infer the meaning of a message by listening to a statement or question and looking at the picture for important visual cues.

One side of the card shows a colourful illustration of the scene. The other side presents the scene and asks, “What should you do next?” followed by three possible answer choices. This side also has a small version of the illustration.

Includes game ideas, all in a sturdy tin. Cards are 7.6 cm x 12.6 cm.


Circle Up

Have players sit in a circle, and place the shuffled cards face down in the middle. Players choose a card, reads the situation and answer choices, and shows the picture to the other players. Players raise their hands to answer the question. Award points to each player who answers the questions correctly.

Have players discuss the visual cues in the picture that helped the infer the meaning and arrive at the correct answer. Also discuss why each wrong answer is inappropriate in the situation.

Act It Out

Have the players act out the situation card. One player plays the role of the speaker, and the other player must act out what he or she should do next in response. Award one point to each player who properly acts it out.

In Reverse

Read the wrong answer choices to the players. Ask them to come up with situations in which these responses would be appropriate. Award one point for each appropriate situation.

What Else?

Read the situation and answer choices to the players. After they select the correct answer, ask them: “What else could you do in this situation?” Award one point for each additional appropriate response.

Ages 7+

Product Code: FD169

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