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ITrax™ Critical Thinking Game

ITrax™ Critical Thinking Game

R 510.00

A game of tactical tracking and speed! Use problem solving and a keen eye to find the path connecting 2 blocks. Then recreate the path as fast as you can with your own pieces. Watch out, though, your mind could be playing tricks on you! Three levels of play keep you challenged.

2 - 4 Players

iTrax, the problem solving strategy game. Great as an activity for children either in or out of the classroom.
  • Players look at the game card and determine the path between the two blocks
  • Each player must then create the same path with the game pieces – the first one to do so correctly wins that round
  • This strategy game promotes:
    • Critical thinking
    • Problem solving
    • Perseverance
    • Strategy
  • Features three levels of play
  • Includes:
    • 44 game pieces
    • 25 double-sided game cards
  • Game cards measure 20cm square
  • Download instructions

Ages 6+

Product Code: LER 9279

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