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Cuisenaire Jr. Ants on a Log

Cuisenaire Jr. Ants on a Log

R 390.00

March your way to early maths fun with colourful counting ants on soft plastic logs!
Provide a colourful and fun introduction to Cuisenaire Rods with these friendly ants, while introducing numeracy skills!
  • Rods feature a digit on a leaf one side and the corresponding number of ants on the other
  • Chunky, soft material is ideal for young learners and allows for quiet use
  • Covers numbers 1 -10
  • Use to support:
    • One to one correspondence
    • Number Identification
    • Early Addition and Subtraction skills
  • Set includes:
    • 20 rods; two of each number
    • Plastic storage tray
    • Download Activity Guide

Ages 4+

Product Code: LER 7478

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