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Large Sand Timer - 30 Minute (Black)

Large Sand Timer - 30 Minute (Black)

R 290.00

Countdown 30 minutes with ease using our much loved hourglass sand timer. Ideal for children and adults for improved and managed time keeping. It is a very effective visual prompt that helps improve concentration whilst supporting parents and teachers with time management activities. It works because children in particular can actually see and feel the time ticking away. This helps you engage better with the concept of time The material used in the outer casting production of this sandtimer is transparent acrylic with plastic end caps. The inner is a glass tube with coloured sand. We have had our sand timers in production for over 5 years now and they all have a reputation for being very durable and robust.

It's size is 16cm x 8.3cm x 7.3cm.

Popular ideas for use:

Managing time at the dinner table Keeping a tab on telephone, tv and computer usage time, Timing holistic / beauty therapy sessions Encouraging children to focus on their homework for 30 minutes without interruption As a visual prompt for teaching children how long 30 minutes is For lesson timing How accurate is it? 

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Maths - time 
• Personal Development - PSHE 
• Communication & Language - literacy

Ages 3+

Product Code: 92025


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