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Superwashable & Titanium-Free Kids Glue 1000ml

Superwashable & Titanium-Free Kids Glue 1000ml

R 120.00

Is it possible to allow younger children to use glue without fear of breathing harmful substances and without staining clothes? Yes, you can with this dermatologically tested, titanium free, super washable kid’s glue! 

It’s safe, washable, and perfect for the simple tasks of children who are just starting to work with paper and cardboard. The Bottle of 100 ml of transparent glue easily adapts to the smallest hands of children.

In nursery school and pre-primaries, children already begin to do the first manual activities that often involve the gluing of paper and cardboard.  These are simple but fundamental activities for the development of autonomy and control of movements.

Do you know why Glue Kids’ Glue is green?
Toy Color chose this shade because the green allows children to check where they have already placed the glue; the latter will then become totally transparent once dry.

It’s washability, safety and transparency make it ideal for small users.

Ideal for use on paper, wood, cardboard, pompoms and other arts and craft resources.

Ages 2+

Product Code: TC975

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