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Kids First Level 1 - Coding & Robotics

Kids First Level 1 - Coding & Robotics

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Meet Sammy - The friendly PB&J sandwich who wants to teach you all about coding principles!

You don't need a tablet, a smartphone, or a computer to program this unique robot. Just lay out the code cards in whatever order you want and then send Sammy rolling over them one by one.

The built-in OID optical scanner scans each code card, and just like that, the sequence is saved - Are you ready to put it to test on the map tiles?

Have Sammy move forward, left, right, back - Have him pick things up with his robot arms, light up with LED light, play fun sounds, and respond to different function cards...

Meanwhile, as kids work their way through the 30 lessons in the 64-page manual, they'll master real computer programming concepts, including sequences, loops, functions, conditions, events, algorithms, and variables.

PLUS - The robot base can be transformed from a sandwich to a fun variety of other characters for turning coding into a pretend-play adventure.

Help a little mouse find the cheese. Send a penguin wandering around a zoo. Help a soccer player score a goal. Race a firetruck to the rescue and actually put out a pretend fire.

With the Kids First Level 1 Coding & Robotics kit, real computer coding becomes incredibly intuitive and beautifully imaginative.

Kids First Level 1 - Coding & Robotics
  • Buildable robot kids can easily program to complete fun challenges
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, logic, sequencing, problem-solving, creativity
  • A cleverly intuitive and imaginative approach to programming
  • No tablet, smartphone, or computer required - Program robot by simply scanning code cards
  • Create the correct sequence of actions to navigate map cards and complete challenges
  • Robot can be rebuilt into a mouse, penguin, firetruck, soccer player, factory robot
  • Robot features movable arms, light-up LED, fun sounds
  • Activity book guides kids through 30 fun, imaginative challenges - Teaches sequences, loops, functions, conditions, events, algorithms, variables
  • Lessons aligned with standards developed by the Computer Science Teachers Association and the International Society for Technology Education
  • Includes large variety of building pieces that can be snapped onto robot base,30 story cards, 120 coding cards, 1 Base Unit, and an assortment of blocks, for building different models.
  • The “Base Unit” reads the coding cards which command it to move (FWD, BWD, turn L/R, pause and spin). These is an external gear on the Base Unit which can interact with other models or functions on the robot.
  • It comes with sound and light effects.
  • Requires 3 AA batteries - Not included
  • High quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptional learning experience.

  • Ages 4+
    Product Code: GIG7442

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