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High Seas ADDventure™ Addition Game

R 440.00

Develop early addition skills as children are encouraged to make 10! 
Take your marks! Dive in and race your favorite ocean creatures to an island paradise while making 10 in two wave-ripping levels of play. But watch out! Octopus and shark cards can help make your voyage smooth sailing or one filled with choppy waters. Be the first player to land on the island, and win! A super-fun way for kids to build key skills

Develop children’s addition skills through game play as they make 10 with two or more numbers.

  • Players flip cards and make ten in order to move forward
  • Game play develops addition skills
  • Board game uses numbers 0 – 10
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Includes two levels of play:
    • Make ten using two numbers
    • Make ten using more than two numbers
  • For 2–4 players
  • Includes game board, 56 number game cards, four sea-themed game pieces and multilingual instructions
  • Game board measures 43cm x 43cm

How to play

  • Choose your level of play: making 10 with two numbers or making 10 with multiple numbers. Deal out 5 cards to each player face up and the remaining cards are placed on the game board.
  • Take it in turns to turn over a card on the board, if you can match one of your own cards to make 10 shout ’10!’ and take the card. Move your game marker one space towards the island.
  • Watch out for the hungry sharks! Be the first player to reach the treasure on the island to win the game!

Ages 5+

Product Code: LER 3482

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