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HearBuilder Sequencing Super Fun Deck (Grade R - 2)

HearBuilder Sequencing Super Fun Deck (Grade R - 2)

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The HearBuilder Sequencing Super Fun Deck comes with 144 double-sided, full-colour cards featuring 32 illustrated sequences for targeting sequencing, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

Students start with the three-step sequences and progress up to six-step sequences. The front side of each card has a Story Sequence (Ms. Garcia bought a new painting. She got a hammer and some nails to hang it in her living room). The back side has an Instructional Sequence (Get a hammer and some nails). Your students will have fun putting these everyday sequencing events in order!


• 144 double-sided cards (8.5cm x 10.8 cm)
• Instruction booklet with game ideas
• Sturdy storage tin


Sequencing Shuffle –

Separate sequences into piles and shuffle the cards. Choose to use either the Instructional or Story Sequences. Give each student / team one shuffles sequence to put in the correct order. The first team or student to arrange the sequence in the correct order wins!

The Line Up –

Select one Instructional or Story Sequence and review it with your students. Then, mix up the cards and give each student a card. Have the students position themselves in a line according to the first card through to the last card in the sequence. You may then ask them to explain or act out the story.

What’s Missing? –

Separate the sequences into piles and take out one car per sequence. Review an Instructional or Story Sequence with your students and ask the: “What’s missing?” Students explain the missing step in the sequence and why the sequences is impossible without the step

Then What? –

Review and Instructional or Story Sequence with your students. After the last step, ask your students: “Then what?” Have them use their imaginations to continue the sequence and consider what might happen next.

Ages 6+

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