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Giant Magnetic Array Set

Giant Magnetic Array Set

R 380.00

Grab students’ attention with jumbo math tools, on your board and in living color! Set of two magnetic 5 x 5 arrays include 50 purple and orange magnetic counters to demonstrate repeated addition, multiplication, number facts and representations, and much more! Also includes an Activity Guide featuring ideas for cooperative work with the entire class. All eyes up front—class is in session! 

     • 2 Magnetic 5 x 5 arrays
     • 25 Purple magnetic discs
     • 25 Orange magnetic discs
     • Activity Guide

Arrays measure 9.75” x 9.75” 

Grades: 2+

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Numbers & Operations, Counting & Cardinality, Operations & Algebraic Thinking

Ages 7+

Product Code: LER 6648

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