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Chef Showdown Game

R 299.00

Fast-paced matching game for all of the family to enjoy!

Race your opponents to capture all of the food in this fast-paced matching game!
How to play:
Each player has a pack of the coloured player cards
Place three food cards face-up on the table
Flip the timer and race to find a match between any of the food cards and one of the foods on your player card
As soon as you see a match, place your chef figure on that food card
Continue knocking people of food cards that you need until the time runs out
Those chefs on the cards at the end of the round can claim those cards
The winner is the chef with the most cards at the end of the game
Watch out, the chef showdown card is two points
Game box includes: 12 chef figures, 18 food cards, 128 player cards, sand timer and instructions
For 2-4 players

Ages 6+

Product Code: EI 3451

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