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Difficult Situations Fun Deck

Difficult Situations Fun Deck

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Difficult Situations Fun Deck helps students discuss how they would react to a variety of stressful situations. For example, “Another student keeps looking at your answers during a test.” What would you do?
Use these 56 illustrated cards to talk about safety, emotions, and different ways of acting in response to events that might occur.

Improve reasoning, inferencing, sequencing, and memory skills too!

Game ideas and content cards included.

Cards measure 6.35 cm x 8.89 cm and are stored in a sturdy storage tin.


Act It Out – Shuffle cards and place the face down in a pile. Player One chooses a card and reads it aloud. The Player One acts out how he or she would react to the situation. If the scenario requires another player, Player One may choose someone from the group to participate. If there are no other players, the teacher or parent may be the extra player.

Have children discuss the right and wrong ways to react to this particular situation and why.

Situation Frustration – Have students share different or uncomfortable situations they may have faced and how they reacted to them. Discuss their feelings and reactions and how they handled the situation. Ask if there was anything they wish they had done differently at the time. Talk about how they might react now if the situation happened again.

What Would You Do – Shuffle and place the cards face down in a pile. Player One draws a card, reads the scenario aloud and shows the illustration. Then Player One chooses another student in the group to answer. The group then decides if the student’s reaction was appropriate and offer any suggestions they feel might be useful or helpful if this situation or something similar ever happened.

Dimensions: 7 x 2.54 x 10.16cm

Weight: 0.16kg

Ages 4+

Product Code: FD156

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