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Crystal Making Experiment Set

Crystal Making Experiment Set

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Crystals, both natural and artificially produced, have great importance in industry and economy. For example, in addition to their use in jewelry, diamonds and rubies are used extensively in cutting tools and lasers. Making your own crystals can be a creative way to learn many aspects of basic physics, chemistry and geology. It can also give you a solid grounding in the collection and presentation of scientific data. Crysstal making is also lots of fun!

Did you know all snowflakes have six sides? Or that a close look at table salt reveals tiny, perfect cubes? These solids are crystals, which have formed by a regular internal pattern of atoms. A diamond cutter can turn a shapeless, raw diamond into a beautiful sparkling gem because he knows the internal arrangement of carbon atoms will allow fractures along certain, definite faces.

This enables you use pointed crystal base to create beautiful acicular (needle-shaped) crystals used to make crystal mobiles and crystalline figures. By using gemstone crystal base (alum), you can conduct an experiment making octahedral crystals.

● Science guide included (68 colour pages)

Ages 10+

Product Code: SCI-GK010

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