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Cognitive Creation

Cognitive Creation

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During play, simple words such as balance, on top of, under, over, and reinforced can be learned.  While playing alongside other children, your kids get exposed to language development opportunities.

These plastic pegs can also be manipulated to form different letter shapes for children working on pre-reading skills.

These little builders learn vocabulary and language skills as they learn the meaning of the words they are building.

Generally much of language and communication is learnt here.

Pegs enhance development in all areas of a child’s life.  Look to them to be the fuel that drives your child to be more outgoing and sociable.

Problem-solving skills get developed as well, as do mathematical, literacy and language skills.

Activities which concentrate on creating build the self–esteem of the child and trigger the feelings of success.  Children become self-reliant, therefore bringing up a responsible group of young Adult.

Use the plastic pegs to discover shapes and colours as well as sorting, counting and building skills 

Age: 3 Years+

Product Code: RR9220

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