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Logikit Magnetic Matching Game 17pc

Logikit Magnetic Matching Game 17pc

R 899.00

LogiKit is a magnetic game, especially suitable for children ages 3 to 8. As no verbal explanation is necessarily required, it can already be used in early learning. The game combines a wide range of different developmental areas such as visual perception, fine motor skills, speech development and enlarging vocabulary, nutrition and health, nature, and creativity.

LogiKit also supports cognitive development and children’s powers of concentration. Thus Logikit promotes holistic education and development. The magnetic game is ideal for use in Pre-Primary classrooms up to remedial teaching at primary age.

Thanks to its compact design, it's an ideal travel companion.   As well as developing various educational areas, working with the cards also expands vocabulary. For instance, the naming of colours, shapes, numbers and objects, and the forming of categories, fosters the acquisition of new concepts. Naming differences, characteristics and geometrical bodies also enables children to acquire previously unknown words.

This game also offers an approach to the first particularities of grammar, such the use of nouns, adjectives and prepositions, and the use of articles (‘a’ and ‘the’).

Ages 3+

Product Code: B21005

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