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5 x Aqua Viewer Scope

5 x Aqua Viewer Scope

R 439.00

Edu-Toys' Aqua Viewer is a telescopic scope for land-based viewing of sub-surface creatures in streams, ponds, lakes or tide pools. It comes with a built-in, sealed LED light for illuminating dark or murky conditions and has an incorporated, easy grip, folding handle.

Discover the underwater-world around you with your Aqua Viewer! Without getting wet, you can explore the underwater world (pools, ponds, lake and sea shore etc.) by submerging the end of your Aqua Viewer into the water. Aqua Viewer has 5X margination and it has built-in LED light for dark and murky conditions. You may closely focus and observe objects underwater. Stay safe and explore the underwater world safely, with an adult!

**Easy grip, folding handle means your Aqua Scope fits easier into beach bags and backpacks

**Extendable from 14.75" to 22.75"

**3 AAA batteries required but not included

Ages 8+

Product Code: SCI-PS006

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