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Analogies Fun Deck

Analogies Fun Deck

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The Analogies Fun Deck is a great way for your students to learn early verbal reasoning skills, vocabulary, and concepts such as part/whole, categories, opposites, function, and similarities and differences.
Each deck includes 56 big, colourfully illustrated analogy cards (28 pairs), a content list, and instructions for fun activities all in a sturdy tin! Order today!

Card size is 7.6 cm x 12.6 cm


1. Same and Different –

First, review the pairs with your students so they become familiar with the analogies and matching answers. Talk about how the stimulus word in the pairs are the same and different. For example: “Bone is to Dog, as Carrot is to Rabbit” Therefore, you can compare and contrast the bone and the carrot, the dog and the rabbit.

2. Play card games:
a. Memory –

Using the Memory card format, mix a set number of card pairs and put face down on the table. Depending on the level of your students, the number of pairs will vary. A student flips two cards at a time. Use this opportunity to talk about the language concepts mentioned in #1 o as an exercise to talk about absurdities: “Why is this funny? And how could it be changed?” If the student makes a match, he or she takes the card pair and has a second turn. Play continues with the next player until all card pairs are taken. The player with the most card pairs wins.

b. Go Fish –

Using the “Go Fish” format, deal seven cards to each student. The student to the left of the dealer begins by asking the other students if he or she has a card that would complete the analogy pair. As with the example in #1 – “Do you have the rabbit?” or “Do you have the card that goes with the rabbit?” – if the student does not have the matching card, he or she may draw from the pile. If a match is made from the pile. If a match is made, the student lays down the card pair and takes a second turn. Play continues to the next student until all analogy pairs have been matches. Player with the most matches wins.

c. Other language ideas:

Take an analogy card and ask “what else…?” for example: “Chair is to sit as Bed is to sleep”, what else can you sit on? What else can you sleep on??

Ages 6+

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