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Linking Alphabet Cubes 90pc

Linking Alphabet Cubes 90pc

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Linking letter cubes, otherwise known as reading rods, are a versatile tool for teachers and families to help build reading skills. Use these during whole group time to demonstrate the word of the day, or the daily message. 

Improve reading and spelling, develop decoding, word building, and spelling skills with this hands-on literacy tool.

Reading rods are great for early phonemic awareness exposure and practice, games, and fine motor skills at home.

Blue cubes (60) represent consonants and the red cubes (30) represent vowels.  Each cube has both the upper case and the lower case printed on it.

Use to teach:

  • Letter sounds, names, forms, shapes, and sequence
  • Identify rhyming words
  • Counting syllables
  • Isolate initial, medial, final letter sounds
  • Match initial, medial, final letter sounds with pictures

Ages 4+

Product Code: JYN-G04-90J

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