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Gyro Robots

R 490.00

The Robots with Characteristically High-Tech Design!
The Gyro Robots are an example of how science can become fun and engaging. First of all you can build and play with the robot in many ways. When you make the gyro spin and let it go, it can balance all by itself. It looks incredible and even more when you let it drive on a tight rope and it still will keep the balance.
Ones you begin to study the phenomenon more and discover the laws of Rotation force called Gyro effect. The transparent housing makes it very easy to realize how a high speed turning wheel can make a robot keep the balance.
The Gyro Robots is a gravity defying humanoid that can keep the balance although it is driving on only 2 wheels. The kids will explore how a high speed gyro really works. The Gyro Robots can operate on a tight rope and many other spectacular ways.
From this kit you can build 6 different models that allows you to explore how Gyros are used in daily life. One of the models shows how an artificial horizon instrument works in an airplane cockpit by the use of gyro.

Ages 7+

Product Code: GIG7396

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